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We raised an $8m Seed Round

Over a year ago, I left General Assembly to join a two-person, pre-market start-up called Salesroom. It's honestly been the happiest, most fulling year of my professional career.

Finding Room To Grow At Salesroom

I am proud to announce that I have joined the founding team at Salesroom, the sales platform that puts personality first. We’re building cutting-edge tools that bring virtual sales to life, fostering the organic conversations that build trust and close deals.

Case Study: Smart Pickings, property search and management app

A web app created for UK homebuyers to collect properties from any online agent into a signal place –enriched with additional data– where they can collaborate with family members to help make more confident decisions. Imagine looking at properties on your favourite online agents, Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket. As you find ones you like, regardless of the agent, a single click of a button uploads it to Smart Pickings.

What is a senior developer?

I believe a senior developer has the responsibility to encourage those around them to aspire and excel. To mentor, coach and reflect understanding of the core qualities and knowledge required for developers to provide true value...