38 Photos

A variety of photos from my travels, adventures and what matters to me most. Get a feeling of who I am as a person. From the heat of Iraq, and the freezing ice of the arctic circle to the beaches and mountains of Britain.

Amazing tree in our garden

With Salesroom Founders

Indy Jones, portrait (AI)

Home office

Indy Jones, Napoleon (AI)

Arctic Circle, Norway

Indy Jones, cyberpunk (AI)

Midnight sail, Devon, UK

Air Door Gunner, Iraq


Joining Salesroom Founders

Walking Indy, Devon, UK

Iraq War, 2003

Church by the house, Devon, UK

Beach clean, Devon, UK

Ben Nevis, Scotland, UK

Indy Jones, Devon, UK

Found during beach clean, Barbados

Snowdonia, Wales, UK

Family by the sea, Devon, UK

Indy Jones, the cat

Beach rainbow, Devon, UK

Image of a poem I wrote (AI)

Garden at sunset

10km race, Devon, UK

Indy Jones, waiting

Mowing the lawn, Devon, UK

10km night race, Devon, UK

Messing around, bluesteal

Frozen garden

Indy Jones, long grass

Indy Jones dressed up

Watching the moon rise

10km obstacle course, Cornwall, UK

Bridge by the house, Devon, UK

Watching the sunset, Devon, UK

Indy Jones, all toys