Chuck Hardy

Software Engineering Leader

Military combat veteran turned practical technology leader who specializes in creating inclusive, data-driven, customer-focused, and high-impact engineering teams. 9+ years of experience leading teams, 7+ years as IC engineer.

Current Head of Engineering at Salesroom, former Vice President of Technology at General Assembly.

Your Professional (Karma) Network

Actively investing in your professional network improves your career. The sooner you start and the more you invest, the greater the return. Learning and helping others succeed is the currency.

How many weeks do you spend planning for a feature?

Someone asked me today, 'How many weeks do you spend planning for a feature?' I replied, We don't generally spend more than a few hours, maybe a day planning before we start validating our assumptions with users.

The Art of Making Sales on Virtual Platforms

I sat down with TC from CTO Confessions to talk about bridging the gap between in-person and virtual sales, my journey to becoming a tech leader, and what drives me to keep pushing forward with a sense of urgency.

We raised an $8m Seed Round

Over a year ago, I left General Assembly to join a two-person, pre-market start-up called Salesroom. It's honestly been the happiest, most fulling year of my professional career.

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  1. Company
    Head of Engineering
    Managed Engineering & Product Design. Total HC 10+. Salesroom is a video conferencing platform built specifically for salespeople. An ambitious startup leveraging real-time ML-driven features to strengthen virtual sales.
  2. Company
    General Assembly
    Engineer → VP of Engineering
    Manage Technology, including Software Engineering, Data, IT, and InfoSec. Total HC 50+. GA is a for-profit global education organization founded in early 2011 to empower people to pursue the work they love.
  3. Company
    Senior Engineer
  4. Company
    Engineer → Senior Engineer
  5. Company
    British Army
    Private → Sergeant
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